My inspiration comes from my love of pattern and colour, as well as hints to textile construction. I have an especially strong attraction to mid century pattern design, which is starting to make more of an appearance on the surfaces of my work.

Though I did not go through any formal training, I have spent a long time experimenting with techniques best suited to applying pattern to the surfaces of my pieces. I continue to explore and refine this.

My work is made from flat slabs of clay. Coloured liquid clays, called slips, are applied to the surface before the slabs are constructed into their 3D forms.

I use templates for my work, but the nature of the decorating and construction processes mean that no two will ever be identical. This is the joy of a handcrafted item.

I have exhibited in London, and in various galleries across the country, as well as winning an award for my work. 

I try to approach my life with a sense of fun, and hope that this translates into my work.


Where to Buy

You can purchase my work online by clicking on the shop link in the menu bar.

You can also visit these galleries:

Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge

Bircham Gallery, Norfolk